Camile Fontaine


Camile Fontaine
Why Vinyl? Or - why "Oracal Industrial Grade Adhesive-Backed All-Weather Graphic Sheeting"? Or, around the studio, "stickers". A seemingly unabashed preference for bright color combined with an almost obsessive zeal for repeating patterns - perhaps after 20 years of working in a painterly, impressionistic style, the need for cleanly defined shapes arose. The term "mosaic" is partly correct, but also too is a cheeky nod to "pixels" and the intentional color-mixing which takes place in the viewer's eye a' la the masterfully dotty works of Georges Seurat! A note on subject matter - really just an arbitrary and quirky celebration of beautiful objects - as necessary as food or wine or love! Miss Fontaine lives and breathes "The Life Aesthetic" in Honolulu Hawaii surrounded by water, air, earth, and fire.,h_400,c_fill/a4zgl6esq0909d42kaw1.jpg