Rebekah Codlin


Rebekah Codlin
Rebekah Codlin is a 25 yr old self-taught artist based in Picton, Marlborough, working in oil on canvas and other mediums to produce contemporary realist portraiture. Represented by Freeman Gallery - Santa Fe USA as well as Black Door Gallery - Parnell, Auckland, Central Art - Queenstown and The Gallery Havelock, Rebekah’s works can be found in collectors homes across New Zealand and internationally. Rebekah’s artistic career began younger than most; at age 16 she began practicing her art seriously and was driven to become a fine artist. Through experimentation and exploration she started building a portfolio and at age 17 after exhibiting her works locally with much positive reception she was committed to becoming a full time artist. This led to her first solo exhibition where she sold her first portrait painted at age 17 for $10’000, attracting a wide audience in the media and collector interest. “I am compelled to paint people, as I believe no other subject is more complex, emotive and thought provoking than the human being. I paint with a focus on capturing the inner person using expression, light play and detail. It is important to me that every painting evokes connection and a realization of common humanity between the painted and the viewer, and that this connection penetrates barriers, with the painting increasingly developing more life and complexity in the viewers eye, improving with age. I like to capture warmth and depth in my portraits, to hold the attention of the viewer and tell a message open to their interpretation and personal to them.” Having been correspondence schooled, Rebekah had the flexibility to practice fine art, dance and guitar amongst her studies. In addition to painting full time, she also ran a non-profit dance school Street Dance Federation for 2 years with her sister in Blenheim, teaching over 85 students in the evenings, and also taught 40 guitar students weekly. Rebekah has been selected as a finalist in several competitions and awarded a number of residencies, including a 4 year residency from age 18 with Brancott Estate Winery in Blenheim and is now resident artist at Highfield Estate Winery where she paints live in their restaurant for diners to view.,h_400,c_fill/8vcfl7pcmeeata1q6xy8.jpg