Scott Rhea


Scott Rhea
With an internationally recognized collection of still images, Scott Rhea has recently broken boundaries in new directions with experiential art and new media installations. For over 20 years he shot fashion in both Europe and the U.S. before turning his attention to directing visual commercials, music videos, new media and fine art. With a penchant for always finding a fresh perspective in camera, Scott is currently focusing on a new collection of work that is out of water, along with writing and executive producing a new series for Netflix, chronicling the recovery of treasures from a 450 year old sunken Spanish ship. Mediums: Photography, Directing, New Media Installation, Interactive media.Underwater Installation Video Exhibitions Cella Gallery (solo) Jan 2010 FLUX (featured artist) SoHo House Hollywood Oct 2011 Gallery 81435 (solo) Sept 2012 Fashion is Art (Artwalk L.A.) (featured) Aug 2012 Gallery 1608 Palm Beach (Group) “Anatomy of Spirit” Nov 2012 Telluride Gallery of Fine Art (group) Feb1 2014 Telluride Gallery of Fine Art (Solo) Jun-Aug 2014 L..A.. Art Show 2016 Gallery Affiliations The Photographers Gallery (Hollywood) The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art Gallery 81435 Cella Gallery Gallery 1608Freeman Gallery Collaborative Projects: Saatchi London – Protect our Waves global Campaign 2013 Commissions: Flux – Soho House Hollywood (multi-projection) Oct2011 Decendents – Los Angeles (Glendale) permanent Installation “Protect our waves” campaign with Saatchi London Artist Residencies : Zurich Switzerland / Hamburg 1992-93 Germany (1993) Athens Greece 1993 Press: (partial) Artbeat Culta Vitae Big Shot 360 Boards magazine American Photo American Photo Campus Sir Lounge,h_400,c_fill/sihsuws4xpwnxmdvae2s.jpg