Scott Rhea Photography: Surreal and Weightless Worlds

This Exhibition has ended, though prints are still available to purchase through the gallery. They are printed, framed, and shipped on demand by the artist.
Multimedia artist Scott Rhea presents a selection of print images from his series “An Inevitable consequence”, and video images from the installation titled “The Descendants”.
Artist Statement:
Both of these collections explore surreal and weightless worlds that bridge reality to sub-conscious events. Water is often symbolic of emotions and a number of deeply personal emotional challenges`began to show up after Hurricane Katrina as strong visual images for me. The exploration of this body of work has led to revolutionary changes in my subsequent work as an artist as I now take feelings and allow myself to ask “What might this feeling I'm having look like.” Giving myself permission to allow an answer to come visually has been the most powerful tool I could have possibly have realized as an artist.

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