M. Freeman

M. Freeman

"My paintings come together through play and experimentation. I like things that remind me of nature, of the effects of time and wear, and of the inner landscapes of the mind and self."


Each layer influences the next, adding and subtracting, marking and covering up. I continue this until an environment emerges, like a stage, upon which the final compositional elements fall into place naturally. Motifs, symbols, words, and representational objects may appear, but these are mostly un-planned. My experience of painting is a lot like sitting down at the piano and improvising. It's the interplay of practiced technical processes and intuitive expression.


Alongside acrylic paints, some of my favorite materials and mediums include bits of paper and canvas, wood glue, ephemera, ink, joint compound, pumice gel, and graphite."


Matti grew up in Bainbridge Island, Washington. He is a self taught painter. He currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he operates Freeman Gallery with his father and fellow painter Craig Freeman.

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