Stephanie Britt


Stephanie Britt
Artist’s Bio: A graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, Stephanie Britt pursued an early career in commercial art and book illustration, with Hallmark Cards and several well known publishers as clients. After teaching art at the college level for a number of years, she began to focus exclusively on fine art, subsequently juried into shows in Washington state, New Mexico and Kauai. She is a member of Oil Painters of America, Kauai Society of Artists and Skagit Valley Artists Association and is represented by Freeman Gallery Santa Fe and Kalakoa Gallery Kauai. Artist’s Statement: If I had to name what I believe to be the most valuable discipline in painting, it would be the use of contrast. The search for contrast of every sort, whether value, texture, pattern or color is what drives my painting and even extends to the relationships between elements within the picture plane; positive/negative, analogous/complementary and energetic/serene. I love how contrast can define or diffuse a form, or create a sense of movement or depth. Establishing a sense of movement within a painting is another primary consideration. As a children’s book illustrator, I was a sequential artist for many years. As I moved into fine art painting, I continued to employ the concept of sequential art in painting as I drew upon my early inspiration with the analytic phase of cubism and futurism. I identified with the way the cubists and the futurists responded to their environment, a world of constant motion enhanced by innovation. I strive to comprehend and to translate this movement, to “synthesize the impressions of the world” as the Salon Cubists did, and in doing so, create in my work a sense of tension and aesthetic balance.,h_400,c_fill/b7o1anp2xsnrrzrjxxs7.jpg